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As a new mom in today’s generation, it is almost expected of me to constantly post photos, videos, and updates about my children. I’ve been asked countless times ‘Why don’t you ever post your kids on Facebook?’ and ‘Why are you trying to treat your kids like Blue Ivy? We want to see pictures!’ I mean, I love my children just as much as, if not more than the average mom. But, I draw the line at posting all about them on every social media account I own.

There are multiple reasons why, which I will explain later, but it is mostly because I am enjoying life with them!  Most of the time though, I am too busy having fun with sleeping alongside my kids, and I don’t even think to have a photo session to share on your news feed. With that said, today’s  post is all about my perspective on privacy and keeping my children off of social media.

***Before I go any further in this post, let me give a personal disclaimer. These opinions are my own. I am not passing judgement on those of you moms and dads that post about your children on social media. Heck, I’ve posted pictures a few times too! I even have a blog, and they’re all over the place here! Trust me, I understand the urge to share those chubby wittle cheeks with the world. My goal in writing this post is to instead, be a reminder of the importance of privacy. There are some creepers out there y’all. And, as my mother seems to always reminds me, not everyone has your best interest in mind.***

If you agree, or if you have more to reasons to add, feel free to comment and let me know! If you disagree, you can comment too! I want to know what you think about this hot topic!

I don’t have the time

If you’re a common reader of this blog, first of all, thank you! Second, you know that my life is a three ring circus to say the least. Juggling twins, lupus, working from home, and blogging, all while trying to maintain my sanity is a lot. Most of the time, I don’t think about taking pictures and sharing them with the world. I’d rather spend my time sleeping.

I don’t care that much

I found an interesting article about what social media posts with children teach you about the mothers in the pictures. I thought it was interesting simply because it pointed at the psychological reasons why this generation of mothers tend to over-share their children on social media. You can read more about this topic HERE. I personally don’t think of social media as a priority. Of course, if it’s a special occasion, or if i’m stricken with boredom, I might post a picture or two. But, I am not the one to post every day. I just don’t think my ‘rep’ on the internet is that important.

I don’t want to be baby overload

Babies have a tendency to take over your life. With their cute baby clothes and their silly little smiles, your life as a new mother is entirely B-A-B-Y. Most of my followers are not at the age where they are starting families. I’m only 20-something y’all, read my bio. (It’s right over there —>) So for me, I don’t want to be seen as that girl who is always talking about her kids. Also, on a personal note, I make it a goal of mine to have an identity outside of being a mother. I do everything in my liberty to remind myself that I am still a person, not just a mom. I think this is so important for any mother to do. Not posting my children on my social media accounts is just another act of rebellion during this mini ‘identity crisis’ of sorts.

I don’t need the judgement

With the popularity of social media, today’s children are the first generation to really have their whole lives documented on the internet. Besides the many safety issues that could arise, this act of constant sharing could have a lasting impression on a child. I would not want my children to grow up thinking that they will only be accepted based on the number of ‘likes’ they receive. Yes, your style of parenting has more to do with this mindset than social media, but I’d rather not have the extra influence. In an article by Today’s Parent, blogger Roma shares her views on social media and parenting. You can read her post HERE. But, I would have to say that I agree with her opinion. I don’t need my followers’ 672 extra eyes to be continually focused on the lives of my children. I want my life to be just that, my life, and they deserve to have the same sense of privacy.

I blog

That’s enough for me. My children are already a huge part of my site, and I choose to share them purposefully. Sometimes, I battle with the notion that being a mom blogger involves too much involuntary involvement of my children. I read this article (another one by Today’s Parent) that shed some more light on this topic. You can read it for yourself HERE. As my blog grows in popularity, the privacy that my family receives decreases. I don’t want to add to the madness by sharing minute-by-minute updates of our lives.


I also feel that there should be a limit on sharing your children’s pictures over the internet simply because there are some real weirdos out there. I would not want my children to be victimized by such people. For those occasional social media posts though, I always try to think about how the picture will be seen by the outside world. The Wirl Mamas shared a great post to remind us moms about the importance of using the Mama Code.

As a mother, it is your job to protect your children. I know it’s hard not to show everybody those adorable dimples and that heart-melting smile, but just remember how quickly things ‘go viral’. Stay conscious of what you are posting, and how often. Have fun and live your life. If you can find a happy medium concerning the privacy of you and your family, the rest of the world will be happy too.

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