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Give Your Feet More Respect And Beautify Them

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It is totally not out of my obsession of feet. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I have consistently ignored my feet despite the many occasions I vowed to my conscience that I have to take them more seriously. Because after all, they are part of me. What’s wrong with me treating them as if they were belonging to someone else. You can imagine when the season of flip-flops and sandals come, guilt and shame will creep up uncontrollably.

Speaking of shame, it used to be worse when I was younger. Body conscious and self image are issues many women face and they can be out of proportions. After I asked myself many times why I am blessed with a weird looking little pinky toe – looking like a little speckled rock with a rough, uneven and hard surface and that is one of my toes? Time goes on,eventually I began to accept the fact that “genetics” can explain everything anyway and there is no big deal. I used to cover my feet, especially my toes, more often. But now, as I am getting more confidence as a middle-aged woman and life is more hectic, I embrace my flaws, shortcomings and weaknesses the way they are while trying to work on improvement.

Because I am not afraid to expose my feet any more and life is still hectic, my feet are taken on more stress and abuse. A lot of times, the TLC that I should have given to my feet is just way down towards the bottom of my to-do list.

So here it is, I am going to dedicate this article to my feet!

Makeup for My Right Heel, Is It a Good Idea?

Summer, no socks and flip-flops created cracked heels. Mine are bad, not too far from seeping blood in the cracks. Are yours just as bad or worse?

Desperate situations trigger crazy solutions at times. This past summer may be one of those times. I actualized a long-thought-out attempt of applying makeup on my heel, just the right one to test it out.

Sometimes, I wish there is a magical product that is easy to use and make my cracked heels look good. Perhaps a product with a combination of moisturizers and makeup with medicinal healing properties and can be water-resistant will sound perfect. I actually came up with this idea a while ago and entered a product invention website, but didn’t get that many votes. You may try electric callus remover for removing callus and make your feet smooth and cracked free.

Well, at least I finally came up with enough enthusiasm to experiment with something on myself. It is my right heel in the picture before anything was done.

Keep reading about how I did the makeup and to see the result!

Here is the Procedure of How I Apply Makeup on My Right Heel

1. I gave my right heel a quick scrub.

2. Dry my heel thoroughly and then applied primer on the area.

3. Put creme foundation on evenly.

4. Applied powder with a makeup brush.

5. Spread a thin layer of liquid bandage to keep it longer lasting and to protect my heel.

DIY pedicure project you can do at home

A thorough step-by-step explanation for a simple inexpensive pedicure anyone can do at home. She included some good tips in the video.

I know it is a very strange thing that even though I am into makeup and beauty and trained as a makeup artist, I have never had any pedicure outside of my home. I have to confess that I am a little cheap. But there are always something you cannot explain in life, why are shoes a priority to me but not my feet?

To have this kind of home pedicure once or twice a month is my goal. I feel like I owe my feet to that.

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