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How to Make Shopping with Kids Fun

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I’m just going to put this out there. Grocery shopping is boring. It’s boring for adults, and it’s really boring for kids.

With our first few shops, we went through all the tantrums and pain, and slowly got a routine that worked for both myself and our little guy. Here are some ideas you can try to make your shop a little less painful.

Take Food

Our little man hated sitting in a shopping trolley. It would always result in a tantrum. Since the stores open fairly close to his morning tea time anyway, I take his morning tea along with us. Once he is in the trolley, he gets his morning tea, and although it only usually last halfway up the first aisle, he is instantly in a happier mood for the rest of the shop.


This one takes a bit of work for me, because it’s still a one sided conversation. However, having a chat or in my case saying whatever crosses my mind helps keep the child interested and involved. For our little guy it is also helping with his language development.


We always bring a bag of toys along to our weekly shop. Though sometimes I feel like I’m spending the whole shopping trip picking them up, they are great boredom busters.


Books are another great boredom buster and even though our little man can’t read yet he loves flipping through books and will be entertained for quite a while.


Having the utensils for drawing is another way to keep your kids occupied. Our little man ended up with more pen on him than what was on his paper so we ended up switching to a magnetised drawing board.


We don’t do this yet because our little guy is still to young, but a great idea is having activities for you kids to complete. You could get them a puzzle book, or create your own to help involve them with the shopping. For example, shopping bingo or you could have a picture or word list for them to tick off as you get your items.


Our little guy’s favourite thing to do with the shopping is to help. I hand him things and he will put them into the trolley.

However, I have had to stop handing him the fruit and veges because he started taking them out of the bag and trying to eat them. Instead he has been helping me count as we put the fruit into their bags.

Getting it Delivered

If all else fails and shopping is painful beyond all belief, get it delivered. We got our groceries delivered for the first year and a half of our little man’s life, just to make things easier. There are many great benefits, as you don’t need to spend the day at the shops and it is unpacked in your kitchen for you.

A Few More Tips

  • Go when your child is the happiest – for us it is as early as we can get there. The later we are, the more cranky things become.
  • Bring an Umbrella – It took us once to come out of the shops to rain before I made sure I always have small bag size umbrella. There is nothing worse than it raining and you have to get yourself, your child and your groceries in the car. Not to mention the trolley back in the trolley bay.
  • Find the best Car park – I try to aim for as close to a trolley bay as possible. If you have a little one and it’s not to hot you can put them straight in a trolley instead of having to carry them in. When you come out, your little one can go straight in the car, out of the sun, because you don’t need to walk back to the trolley bay.

What do you do to make your shopping easier?

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