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Meal Time Etiquette According to a 2 year Old

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Honestly, our little man is really good at meal times.  He is not that fussy and will eat most foods.

However he is still at the age where he likes things to be done a certain way, and he as a few meal time quirks. If our little man could talk, this is what he would tell you about how you should conduct yourself during meal times:

  1. Get food placed in front of you. Push the plate away while saying “no”, so hopefully will get something better.
  2. Get given a small drink (must be in a cup – no bottles here).
  3. Drink all of drink.
  4. See that everyone else is eating. Start eating.
  5. Once all the best stuff has been eaten, try to get the good stuff of parent’s plates.
  6. Stop eating.
  7. Get bribed to eat by getting a mouthful of water in my cup for every bite of food I take.
  8. Get bored of the water and stop eating.
  9. Put one piece of food in empty cup and eat/drink it.
  10. Keep repeating step 9.
  11. Realize that all the food that has fallen on the floor has been cleaned by a dutiful dog who is now waiting hopefully for more food to drop.
  12. Get some food and try to inconspicuously put it low enough so the dog can be feed at the table without anyone noticing.
  13. Get busted for trying to feed the dog.
  14. Eat a little more.
  15. Try and feed mummy.
  16. Start talking and playing. No food should be eaten at this point but should somehow still end up covering you, the chair and the floor.
  17. Decide that you have eaten enough and get permission to leave the table.
  18. Once moved you from the table to begin getting cleaned up, grab at the food like it’s a long lost brother.
  19. Get put back at the table.
  20. Repeat step 17.
  21. Repeat step 18.
  22. Leave entire dining room for parents to clean.

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