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Medela Pump In Style Vs Ameda Purely Yours

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Medela’s Pump In Style has been on the market since February, 1996 and has an outstanding track record. Medela also has an excellent reputation for reliability and customer service. I have seen very few problems with this breast pump and have been selling it on the web for 7 years.

Ameda introduced the Purely Yours in June of 1998 as a less expensive option to the Pump In Style. The features of the Purely Yours are very similar to the Pump In Style. The Purely Yours had some initial problems with motor reliability and Ameda always stood behind their products and provided replacements whenever that was necessary.

Both companies have made several changes to these professional grade pumps since they were originally introduced to the public. All of the changes came about because of their willingness to listen to consumers and offer what new mothers need and want most.  Ameda made some major product revisions in their tote bags and motor units in the fall of 2002.


The Purely Yours and the Pump In Style are both professional grade breast pumps—the highest classification of breast pumps offered for retail purchase. They are both double pumps that allow a mother to express milk from one or both breasts. Both pumps mimic a baby’s natural sucking action with an automatic suck-release cycle and variable speed control. Both pumps give the mother options for changing the suction levels to use what is most comfortable for them. Both of these pumps can operate on 3 power sources: AC adapter, AA batteries, or car adapter. Both pumps carry a one year warranty on the motor from the manufacturer.


Statistically the Pump In Style and the Purely Yours are nearly identical. The Purely Yours cycles 30 to 60 times per minute. The Pump In Style cycles 44 to 62 times per minute. Many women pump at the higher number of cycles per minute with a breast pump because they find they can finish pumping in a shorter amount of time. The suction on the Purely Yours ranges from 100-220 mm Hg in 1 second.  The suction on the Pump In Style ranges from 100-225 mm Hg in 1 second.

Both of the pumps are comparable in quality to the hospital grade rental pumps. They provide excellent cycling action that is comfortable for the user with easy set-up and cleaning.


Differences in the pumps will depend upon which model is purchased. The Pump In Style Original Breast Pump comes in a shoulder-style carrying bag. The pump motor is not removable from the carrying bag. The Pump In Style Traveler and the Purely Yours models all have motors that can be removed from the carrying bag, which is a convenience for mothers who work outside the home and pump on a regular basis. This feature allows mothers to leave the motor at work and only take the items they need with them (double pumping kit and bottles) when traveling back and forth between work and home.

The Ameda Purely Yours comes with a pumping system that protects the milk from potential contaminants in the air. Ameda provides a closed pumping system that eliminates the risk of milk backing up into the tubing and motor unit. With the purchase of a new Dual HygieniKit from Ameda, the Purely Yours can safely be shared with a friend or relative who may need to use a breast pump. Although a new Double Pumping Kit can be purchased for the Pump In Style, Medela does not recommend sharing the Pump In Style between mothers as the Medela pump is not guaranteed to protect the motor from potential back-up of milk in the tubing and motor unit.

Medela also reserves the right to void the warranty if their pump is shared by more than one mother. Please note that this concern over hygiene has never been an issue in the 7 years that I have been selling the Pump In Style. I feel that it is most important to purchase a new Double Pumping Kit for the Pump In Style if it is to be shared with another mother.


The weight of the motor unit in the Pump In Style is slightly over 2 pounds. The weight of the motor unit in the Purely Yours is 1 pound.       Since many women who purchase breast pumps are carrying them back and forth to work every day, overall weight of a pump becomes an important factor to consider. The two Pump In Style models featured on my web site weigh around 7 pounds in their respective carrying bags. The two Purely Yours models featured on my web site weigh around 6 pounds in their respective bags.


The sound made by the motors on each model is different.  The motor on the Purely Yours is louder than the motor on the Pump In Style. Medela has provided some cushioning around the motor unit that dampens the sound when the motor is running. Some mothers prefer the quiet operation of a pump when they are pumping at work.

The Purely Yours comes with 6 bottles in the tote bag vs. 4 bottles in the Pump In Style tote bags.

Neither the Pump In Style nor the Purely Yours are intended for mothers who are only pumping for a baby because the baby is not feeding at the breast (this includes premies).  Both pumps were designed to replace 2-3 feedings per day so a mom can pump during times when she is separated from her baby.

Milk expressed

The amount of milk expressed during a pumping session will vary, depending upon the mother’s milk supply and her state of relaxation. The amount of milk obtained will also depend upon when the breasts were last emptied by either the baby or the pump. If the baby just nursed 30 minutes prior to pumping, then a mother would expect to obtain less milk.

I cannot guarantee results with either of these pumps for you as an individual. However, in the last 7 years the feedback that I have received from mothers who are using these pumps has been overwhelmingly positive. I believe the additional information provided here will enable you to make a decision that you will be happy with. Unfortunately breast pumps are personal hygiene items and cannot be returned once opened.

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